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The Economics of eHealth

17 NOV 2010

“This paper focuses on promising areas for research to build such an evidence-base, through real-world case studies and economic models, and attempts to provide a preliminary framework of questions to pursue in the evaluation of the economics of eHealth. Although eHealth projects are already operating in a wide variety of countries around the world, and thus may provide useful data to generate a platform for informed decision making on investments in eHealth, we are not aware of any that have been designed as integrated systems (i.e. supporting the full continuum of care in an area, such as maternal care), as opposed to point solutions. The research and analysis outlined in this paper can help maximize the value added of future eHealth investments. The next step should be a carefully targeted research program across a diverse group of low and middle income countries using integrated systems as the subject.”

Source: Schweitzer, J., Synowiec, C., 2010. mHealth Alliance.


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