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Road to 5G Summit

09 SEP 2021

ZTE is sharing the perspective on the development of 5G in the Eurasian Region at their premium hosted event Road to 5G Summit, and introducing key technologies that are on the forefront of innovation for end-to-end network evolution to 5G. ZTE will also bring their rich experiences in 5G deployment, as well as explorations and cases in industrial application. This one hour will be packed with valuable knowledge in 5G innovation that you won’t want to miss.

Artem Puzin, Senior Solution Manager, ZTE Russia

Manyukov Egor, Integrated Comprehensive Solution Manager, ZTE Russia

Tang Luhao, ZTE Russia CEO, ZTE Corporation

Vasily Elansky, Head of Wireless and Core Solution Section, ZTE Russia



Alexis Cope

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