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Report: Nokia’s music service attracts 107,000 users

19 OCT 2009

Nokia’s unlimited download Comes With Music service is again at the centre of speculation concerning poor subscriber takeup. According to digital music research firm Music Ally, as of July the service had just over 107,000 active users in nine markets around the world. The figures are claimed to be those sent by Nokia to record labels and distributors. In the UK – which last week celebrated the first anniversary of launch – the service had just shy of 33,000 users in July, up from 23,000 in April. The report notes that the service appears to be doing better in emerging markets than in developed Western countries.

A response from Nokia to the article stated that the firm does “not comment on industry speculation or rumours,” adding that more launches are planned. “This is a very fast rollout for a service of its kind, especially when you consider the music is a mix of global and local content for each location.” A posting on Nokia’s blogsite was a little more forthcoming, admitting that its UK launch “started with a lot of folk not really certain about what Comes With Music offered.” The post added that “the past 365 days have seen a much greater understanding and appreciation for the service emerge. Equally it’s still evolving and improving and that’s perhaps the most exciting aspect of all.” Comes With Music is an unlimited music download service that differs from rival offerings by allowing users to keep their music when their subscription ends. It is currently live in 12 countries.


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