Regulatory framework for mobile banking

21 FEB 2010

Many practitioners in the mobile banking industry would rate regulatory challenges as the biggest hurdle to the deployment of mobile banking. A lot has been written about it and many panel discussions and work-groups have tried to find solutions. While some regulators are much more forward looking and have demonstrated that it is possible to deploy transformational banking in a controlled way, others have clamped down on these initiatives.I am frequently asked to provide information, white papers and framework documents to describe some of the intricacies of the space. We at Fundamo developed very good collateral during the past ten years. We use this collateral to the benefit of our clients and our partners. We have made some of this content available to parties in the industry, but do not usually share it openly.I would like to recommend a very good research paper in this regard. It is a document produced Rasheda Sultana from the Grameen Foundation, and explains many of the concepts well. While, I have some reservations on some of the conclusions and information in the document, I can recommend a read, especially because it is available on the Internet for free. (Download here).

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