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Qualcomm brings wireless health service to Europe

12 NOV 2012

US vendor Qualcomm has launched a wireless health service in Europe that shares data gathered from medical devices with patients, their carers and healthcare providers.

The company’s Qualcomm Life subsidiary has announced its first two customers for the service who will use it to underpin their plans to offer remote health monitoring in Italy and Spain.

Qualcomm’s 2net Platform and Hub was launched in the US at the end of 2011. At the time the company said it would bring the product to Europe in 2012, so the current announcement is consistent with its previously announced timing.

It is essentially acting as a systems integrator so that  customers can add cellular connectivity to any medical device in a straightforward way. Qualcomm provides connectivity through a pan-European SIM inside each device which carries no roaming fee.

One customer is Telbios which is a leading provider of remote health services for patients with chronic diseases in Italy. By working with Qualcomm, the company can lower the barriers to scaling its chronic care services, it says. It will combine data from several devices into one stream data that can be more easily accessed by doctors.

The second user is Cystelcom which is an engineering software development company providing services for the mobile industry. It has a service called mHealthAlert which offers an open remote monitoring platform for patients with chronic diseases. Cystelcom will act as a distributor for the 2Net Hub in Spain by offering it to the Health Department of the country’s regional governments, as well as insurance companies and private hospitals.


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