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Nokia touts revenue potential of Ovi, plays down app metric concerns

Nokia has talked-up the potential of Ovi Store to provide a sustainable revenue stream in an effort to woo developers, compared to the more competitive operating environment for developers creating apps for iOS and Android.

European developers show radically different priorities to US developers

Nokia may be undergoing turbulent times at present but its devices continue to dominate application testing by developers in the EU, according to new research from DeviceAnywhere.

Nokia revamps operator billing model

Nokia used an “Ovi Store State of the Union” presentation at Nokia World 2010 today to introduce a deviation from the industry-standard 70/30 revenue split where operator billing is concerned, promising that developers stand to make more money under its new regime.

Samsung Apps penetration reaches 109 markets

Samsung has marked the first anniversary of its Samsung Apps store by announcing that it is now available in 109 countries. First launched in September 2009 in “select European and Asian countries”, the company says the store has been growing “at a rapid pace, riding on the successful global launch of the Samsung Wave smartphone.”

Keeping track of the global mobile superplayers

Wireless Intelligence announces the launch of the ‘Scoreboard’ operator ranking tool to track the progress of the industry's largest mobile operator groups

ARMed and dangerous for Intel

The biggest impact of ARM’s new A15 is likely to be on the evolution of tablets and, particularly, netbook computers, which tend to use Intel's Atom chips

Report: Consumers will overcome resistance to in-app ads

Consumer resistance to in-app mobile ads will be overcome in the next few years and create a market worth over US$860 million in North America alone by 2014

Lenovo to develop in-house apps

Chinese laptop giant Lenovo aims to develop smartphone applications in-house as it seeks to win market share from the likes of Apple

Cydia and Rock create jailbreak apps leader

Two so-called ‘jailbreak’ apps stores – Cydia and Rock – have joined forces to create what is thought to be the world's largest third-party app store for jailbroken devices

Apple unveils major changes for iOS developer community

Apple updated the terms and conditions of its developer agreement, which was seen as opening the way for apps created using Flash and Java to make their way to iOS devices.

Android 2.2 users grow share

Version 2.2 of Android is gaining momentum compared to older, more established versions of the operating system

Qualcomm demos AR apps

Qualcomm demonstrated a raft of augmented reality (AR) apps at its IQ 2010 event in London last week

Apple announces major changes for developer community

Apple has announced two changes in the terms and conditions in place for its iOS developer community, which are likely to significantly impact the way in which developers can work with the platform. The moves also go some way to bringing Adobe’s Flash technology into the fold, although not completely.

Google may limit Android Market access for tablets

Google may not allow makers of tablet computers powered by the Android operating system to include Android Market support on all devices, with Hugo Barra, the company’s mobile product management director, arguing that “we have to make sure that every device meets the criteria for a good experience for Android Market.”

Palm App Catalog offers cheapest apps

The Palm App Catalog offers consumers the lowest priced apps of all the major app stores whilst BlackBerry App World is at the opposite end of the spectrum

Apps developer platform adds analytics and payments features

Apps platform vendor weComm and Bango, the mobile analytics and payments firm, are to combine their respective services in a bid to make life easier for app developers working across multiple smartphone platforms. The partnership will see Bango’s technology added to weComm’s ‘Wave’ software platform, a development the firms claim will enable users to independently measure mobile applications and collect payment across all platforms.

Should vendors be one-stop shops or specialists?

Success in smartphones is the major hurdle to overcome

Freemium app developers will need speed and stamina

How much should app developers give away for nothing?

Nielsen: Mobile gaming and Facebook driving US apps downloads

US smartphone users have 27 downloaded apps on their phones on average, according to a survey from market research firm Nielsen.

Google TV to offer tens of thousands of apps

Google TV is to support the company’s Android Market application store early next year, the company announced this week. Google TV will be switched on in the US in the next few weeks, followed by a worldwide rollout from 2011, and the company wants to integrate its application store into the offering.