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Verizon moves Skype in mysterious ways

The partnership is intriguing, and involves a big gamble from the number one US operator

Palm webOS is running out of time

Is a precious place in the handset portfolio of the leading US HSPA operator enough to save the platform?

SIM card technology just got sexy

Sagem Orga’s new Wi-Fi-enabled SIM card has ‘killer app’ written all over it  

The challenges of forecasting Indian growth

The trend of multiple SIM ownership is just one difficulty in analysing the world's second-largest mobile market

Mobile Money: The bigger picture

The new Mobile Money Exchange helps everyone see the whole elephant...

AT&T and Verizon catalyse embedded devices market

The latest financials from the two US operator giants point to an exciting new chapter of mobile connections growth

Apple redefines ‘mobile devices’

Chief exec Steve Jobs claims the company's annual US$50B+ turnover makes it the world's largest 'mobile' company. But there's a catch...

Googles Chinese stand-off risks mobile backlash

Google's threat to pull out of China could have far-reaching implications for its mobile ambitions in the region

Top 10 news stories of 2009

What were the biggest news stories of the year? Who were the movers and shakers? Step this way to find out...

Microsoft leaves mobile to MWC

After keeping schtum at CES, Microsoft will have to deliver on its mobile plans at Barcelona...

Putting the house in order

It might be unrealistic to expect uniform quarterly reporting across the industry, but some companies give analysts a greater headache than others

M&A deals hint at boom time for mobile stocks

It’s a sure-fire sign that credit markets are moving again when rumours of big M&A deals start ramping up...

O2s people-powered giffgaff unleashed

Social mobile offering launched in the UK. Just don’t call it an MVNO!


LTE to lean on WiFi?

Whisper it, but at least one major operator believes the next-generation standard will need some support.


The right font

Fonts can be hugely emotional and create brand identity, so why has the mobile industry fallen out of love with them?


Investing for my future

The mobile phone 'seniors market' isn't cool. But with the right business model, it's an untapped golden opportunity


MBB has a new home

5,000 articles - news, analysis, blogs and discussion - as MBB gets a shiny new residence. And it's all a ‘4G’-free zone...


Nokia defends the old guard in iPhone royalties spat

A victory for Apple over Nokia could have deep implications for how mobile technology is used and licensed

Will 3G be the trigger for Indian consolidation?

India has more mobile networks than anywhere else in the world, but 3G rollout should kickstart a wave of consolidation