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How Google can reinvent social networking

It needs to create a mobile-orientated social networking service that people will use to manage their daily lives

Older people are cool, too

Fashion in the mobile phone industry is driving social exclusion

Mobile video calling – Is it just California dreaming?

Apple is convinced its new FaceTime service will kickstart this dormant market. Success will pile the pressure on operators though

3G auctions leave Indian operators ripe for investment

Local operators may need foreign investment to deliver on the 3G promise

The future of Fleet Street?

Tablets such as the iPad promise to take newspapers mobile. But if they are going to make money for publishers, they need to make money for advertisers

Of iPhones and revenue

This may have been the moment of ‘iPhone 4,’ but three other Apple milestones deserve merit

4G technologies do not officially exist yet

But that hasn't stopped the industry maxing up the hype...

Can Yahoo play mobile’s Great Game?

As Google and Apple invade the mobile Internet, it seems the traditional mobile industry is increasingly looking to Yahoo to mount a counter-offensive.

How do you solve a problem like T-Mobile USA?

Deutsche Telekom must find ways to keep pace with rivals at its struggling US unit

What free Facebook means for the mobile Internet

Large-scale operator deal could prompt another profound shift in the way we communicate

Why all the fuss about Foursquare?

Facebook, Twitter and Google need not worry just yet...

TRAI spectrum plan: Too late?

Indian 3G auction could also hamper rural cellular growth

India will push 3G networks to the limit

The huge amount of backhaul capacity in developing markets that is going to need upgrading suggests there is room for start-ups

Is it time to take Intel-based smartphones seriously?

It's not clear whether Intel's Atom-based processors will have enough of a performance-edge to win new friends

HP can take Palms webOS global

US$1.2B deal is also the missing piece of the puzzle for PC giant

ZTE’s adventurous spirit to drive 2010 growth

Co-marketing and handset customisation to unlock entry in saturated markets

Mobile money’s reversal of fortune

Mobile phone technology might have spread from the developed world to the developing one, but it's great to see that the 'next big thing' is coming the other way.

Not all LTE networks will be created equal

The choice of spectrum bands will have implications for an operator's LTE strategy

Bharti looks to replicate Indian low-cost model in Africa

Indian operator giant acquires Zain Africa faced with some familiar problems

WiFi, not WiMAX, is the real competition for LTE

Seemingly free WiFi could weaken the business case for widespread deployment of new LTE networks