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Report: PocketGear lands US15M funding

TechCrunch reports that mobile apps store PocketGear has secured US$15 million in 'series B' funding.

Mobile ad company Inneractive secures US2.3M funding

Inneractive, a mobile advertising company focused on linking advertisements with mobile apps, secured US$2.3 million in second-round financing, according to Israeli business publication Globes.

Microsoft updates Windows Phone 7 developer roadmap

Microsoft issued an update for developers on its planned Windows Phone 7 launch timings, stating that it will make the final Windows Phone Developer Tools available on 16 September 2010.

Motorola buys 280 North to bolster apps proposition

Motorola has acquired 280 North, a web application framework developer, in order to strengthen its application development proposition, and to develop its Android ecosystem with “innovative Web-based technologies and applications.”

For Symbian, developer dissatisfaction could prove costly

Nokia needs to prevent a damaging developer exodus

Should operators be involved in the devices business?

Recent developments in the apps and services space mean carriers need to pick their battles carefully

Google brings app development to the masses

Launch of App Inventor for Android can propel platform to new levels

Devices key to WAC’s ambitions

It may be an operator-led initiative, but the support of handset vendors is also crucial to hitting May’s target

The dangers of undermining mobile app development

How government policy could stifle, or nurture, an industry

Is mobile WiMAX really toast?

There’s still a place for the technology; the challenge is marketing it correctly.

Can Foursquare face down Facebook?

With the launch of its location-based Places service, Facebook's grip on the future of digital communications looks set to tighten further still

How will the new tablets measure up?

If priced right, a wave of new seven inch devices from the likes of RIM and Nokia could challenge Apple

Tough times ahead for Nokia and Symbian

Stormy waters for the smartphone market leaders

What will Skype be when it grows up?

With an IPO looming, the VoIP pioneer must address its shortcomings

Smart cards need smart phones

US operators are getting serious about NFC-based mobile payments, but who will make their phones?

From Inorganic to organic growth: Europes long haul

Strong overseas activity is disguising problems at home for Europe’s largest mobile operators

Where next for the LiMo Foundation?

The Linux-based platform is struggling to compete with its high-profile rivals

Is there such a thing as too much mobile spectrum?

A UK consultancy believes that a spectrum ‘arms race’ could be cutting into operator profits

Will more operators say Hello Moto?

Can Motorola reclaim a tier one position in the cut-throat global handset industry?

Apple and Nokia: A tale of two contrasting companies

But both vendors can learn from each other’s mistakes