Mobile X targets cross-border connectivity

New US MVNO Mobile X shows attitude

07 OCT 2021

Mobile X, a new US MVNO created by Boost Mobile founder Peter Adderton, has enlisted Verizon as a partner as it works to create a cloud-based service that will allow its subscribers to use one number across networks and national borders.

Adderton, who has consistently positioned himself as an advocate for wireless subscribers, announced Mobile X will launch in 2022 with help from Verizon. The startup’s goal is to use artificial intelligence and Verizon’s network-as-a-service platform to enable customers to create their own personalised plans.

In an indication other network partnerships may be in the works, Adderton stated Mobile X will provide “global connectivity without data roaming charges”, meaning customers “will only ever need one phone number, one service”.

Mobile X has developed a proprietary cloud platform called X0.1 and is working on a smartphone app that will use artificial intelligence. In a statement, the company predicted every customer’s service will be “unique” and promised “customers will only pay for what they use”.

A series of tweets from Adderton suggested the company’s marketing is not lacking in confidence and reminiscent of T-Mobile’s strategy over the last decade.

“Carriers sell consumers way more than they will ever need and most clearly don’t need fake unlimited,” Adderton tweeted 5 October. “The only thing ‘Unlimited’ about your service provider is the bullsh*t they tell you. The truth is out there. And it’s coming.”

Mobile X is set to enter the US MVNO market just as the nationwide operators increase focus on this area. Verizon is trying to purchase Tracfone, the nation’s largest MVNO, and Dish Network is launching an exclusive 5G phone and a customer loyalty programme for its Boost MVNO customers. Meanwhile cable operators Comcast and Charter are reporting healthy subscriber growth in their MVNO networks.



Martha DeGrasse

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