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PatientView launches new health website

26 NOV 2013

PatientView is back with what it claims is a new and improved apps library as a successor to last year’s European Directory of Health apps. The new website is called

The aim is to provide a curated experience that will reassure patients and general-interest users about downloading and using health apps.

The company described the new website as being a next-generation version, with improved accessibility so users can more easily find apps.

Initially there are 307 health apps available on the site with reviews by patient groups, disability groups and consumers.

Each app is given a ‘heart’ rating, according to the extent it exhibits five patient/consumer needs as established by a 2013 PatientView study of 250 patient, disability and consumer groups from 16 countries around the world. The actual rating is decided by PatientView.

There are also new features, including greater transparency about who is behind the app: developer, backer and whether there is a medical adviser involved. This information is useful in establishing the credibility or otherwise of an app.

Patientview’s business model is not like other app stores in that it does not take a cut of the price paid by users for apps. Instead it is funded through partnerships with individual companies and organisations. Current partnerships are with European Health Forum Gastein, GSK, Janssen, Novo Nordisk, O2/Telefonica Europe and Vodafone Foundation.




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