MVisum gives up ground to Airstrip, stops patent fight

MVisum gives ground to Airstrip, stops patent fight

07 MAY 2013

High-profile mobile health firm Airstrip Technologies and rival MVisum have settled a patent dispute, according to a court filing.

Airstrip filed a suit in October 2012 that accused MVisum of infringing a patent for real-time viewing of patient data on mobile devices.

Under the terms of the settlement, MVisum agrees not to offer products that would infringe Airstrip’s patent including “streaming or displaying real-time (or near real-time) patient physiological data”.

The company also agreed not to market any products “that compress, cache or buffer patient physiological data in a smartphone or tablet”.  In exchange, Airstrip has withdrawn its case.

Neither company is licensing any intellectual property from the other and MVisum will continue to sell its products so long as it does not infringe its rival’s patents.


Richard Handford

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