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Mobile Communications for Medical Care

10 MAY 2011

This report examines the use of mobile networks to enhance healthcare (so-called “mHealth”), as an example of how mobile communications can contribute to sustainable development. We define mHealth as “a service or application that involves voice or data communication for health purposes between a central point and remote locations. It includes telehealth (or eHealth) applications if delivery over a mobile network adds utility to the application. It also includes the use of mobile phones and other devices as platforms for local health-related purposes as long as there is some use of a network.”

The report includes an examination of the following areas:

  • Objectives, approach and overview of mHealth market
  • Overview of existing applications in mHealth
  • Overview of potential next-generation applications of mHealth
  • Illustrative business cases for mHealth provision
  • Realising the health benefits to society
  • Deployment of mHealth applications

Source: University of Cambridge & China Mobile, 2011


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