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Mobile banking application madness

24 MAR 2011

Why would you name a conference: “planet of the apps?” (Read here). It is a catchy name, for sure, but it also inadvertently made me think of the famous movie released in 1968. In this movie some humans are lost on a planet controlled by apes. I saw this movie as a child and it was very scary. I experienced a world that I could not understand and it really felt extremely threatening. Maybe this is what the organisers meant? a scary, confusing new world?I do think that the current mad scramble to release applications for mobile devices are often not well considered, nor understood. It is often not underpinned by a good business plan nor in support of a clear business strategy.Some of the risks of a mad rush to roll-out mobile banking applications for mobile devices are the following:Configuration management of applications, devices and clients and the relationship with each other can turn into a nightmare of keeping tabs of all the applications downloaded and installed.Client support can escalate into a situation that will be difficult to contain, if support agents are not trained properly and empowered to deal with queries related to transactions generated by these applications.Back office integration and support for major spikes in transaction volumes can be underestimated. This in turn can lead to unreliable services and lost transactions.Just some thoughts to consider.

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