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Mobile Advertising Rewards – A new way for MNO’s to attract subscribers?

26 MAR 2010

A company named ‘MyScreen’ recently landed a deal with Latin America’s largest mobile operator, America Movil to launch an advertising service with carriers in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.  MyScreen provides a service that shows a full-screen mobile advertisement each time a subscriber completes a call.  The user can click on the ad to learn more or press ‘End’ to exit the advertisement.  For viewing the ad, the subscriber will be rewarded (e.g.. 10 Free Text Messages for every ad viewed), therefore providing an incentive to view as many ads as possible.  The MyScreen platform has the ability to impose limits to prevent abuse, and the rewards can be catered based on the specific market.  The overall model is quite simple – Advertisers enter into a deal with MyScreen who distributes the advertisements to subscribers of the carriers with whom they have contracts.  Each party receives a cut of the money spent by the advertiser, and the subscriber is rewarded for viewing the ad.A recent Nielsen study showed that only 10 percent of Americans were open to getting advertising on their phones, but that number increased to 32 percent if it could help to lower their bill. MyScreen has reportedly secured $1.5 million in advertising commitments.  The company is headquartered in Toronto, and is headed by Nokia’s former head of Latin America, Maurizio Angelone.The ad service would be built into the phones sold by the operator, and could also be downloaded by existing customers.For operators that are looking for new opportunities to attract customers and generate new streams of revenue, this is definitely worth a look.To learn more about MyScreen, go to

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