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LTE-V2X City-wide Trial Project Launch Seminar Held in Wuxi

02 JAN 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Wuxi, China, December 21, 2017 – The project launch seminar of the LTE network based Vehicle to Everything (LTE-V2X) city-wide trial (Wuxi IoV Phase II) was held in Wuxi, a city famous for IoT.

To embark on this new path to technological and industrial transformation, to implement Made in China 2025, and to implement the national big data strategy for accelerated construction of a digital China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) issued ThreeYear Action Plan for Bolstering the Development of the New Generation Artificial Intelligence Industry (2018-2020) near the end of 2017. The plan clearly states that intelligent and connected cars will be one of the major breakthroughs.

Under the care and guidance of the Ministry of Public Security (MPS), MIIT, and Jiangsu Province, the Traffic Management Research Institute of the MPS, China Mobile, Huawei, and the Wuxi traffic police division took the lead to initiate the project. Partners, such as Audi (China) and China FAW Group Corporation jointly performed technical tests on the world’s first city-wide LTE-V2X IoV solution. The scope of the Wuxi IoV Phase II project will be extended to major urban areas, including city government locations, and some of the major highways in Wuxi.

The project will converge and allow for interaction between key road traffic infrastructure in Wuxi urban areas, the smart traffic management system, and next-generation IoV information represented by the LTE-V2X technology. This project, an open industry platform for joint application innovation and practice, commercial implementation and business model incubation, and standard formulation and promotion, will be open to the vehicle and Internet enterprises that focus on the development and promotion of IoV applications, assistant driving tests, application demonstrations, and research into unmanned driving.

Related original and after-market products and software applications can also use this platform. Wuxi IoV Phase II takes full advantage of the R&D and innovation of local enterprises. Wuxi is working with these local enterprises to build the LTE-V2X pilot project, to accelerate IoV development and build a model for smart traffic management around the world, and for next-generation IoV business applications.

After LTE-V2X is deployed, users can enjoy safe, smooth driving experience. The travel of the citizens of Wuxi is made more efficient. Time spent waiting at red lights or stuck in traffic jams is greatly reduced. If there is an emergency, preventive measures can be taken. Traffic management organizations will collect more comprehensive traffic data, which will allow them to make driving more efficient and more secure.

The achievements of the project will be demonstrated in the Wuxi World Internet of Things Expo held in 2018. This seminar, one of the key milestones of the multi-party joint project, was held in Wuxi.

Mr. Zhao Ce, director of the high-tech department of the MIIT, said in his speech that the development of the IoV is conducive to innovation in and development of the automobile industry, the development of new business models and types, the creation and application of automatic driving technologies, the improvement of traffic efficiency, and the reduction of pollution and accidents. The IoV special committee of the national leading group for the upgrading of China’s manufacturing sector pointed out at the first meeting that new technologies, such as LTE-V2X technology, should be deployed and used to accelerate the convergence of 5G and V2X. Wuxi is responsible for building a national demonstration zone for sensor network innovation. It also serves as a comprehensive test base for national intelligent transportation, built by the MIIT, MPS, and Jiangsu Province. It has a strong industrial foundation and can step ahead to play a bigger role in the trial. LTE-V2X has stepped into the fast lane for development. Industry partners are expected to seize opportunities, work with each other, and promote the development of new technologies in larger regions, accelerating the development of the IoV and creating a better, safer traveling environment and overall experience for the people.

Mr. Veni Shone, President of Huawei LTE Product Line, said that LTE-V2X is a part of the full-service network and an important part of the smart city. Huawei will work with all parties to build E2E solutions from chips to network facilities and management platforms, helping build model cities and industries, and promoting them globally.

The MPS, China Mobile, Wuxi traffic police division, and other representatives at the seminar have also presented speeches and expressed their great support. With an open pragmatic mind, they target the goal set for the Wuxi World Internet of Things Expo held in September 2018, and express support for the construction of Wuxi IoV Phase II. Traffic management data will be made more open to the public, and signal controllers will become connected. The LTE-V network will be constructed and optimized to ensure coverage. All parties will strive to build Wuxi into a demonstration city for intelligent traffic management at the Wuxi World Internet of Things Expo held in 2018.