Keynote 2: Connect Everything - Mobile World Live

Keynote 2: Connect Everything

18 OCT 2021

The evolution of IoT and 5G has seen the boundaries of technology expand to create the biggest innovation platform ever. With use cases for digitalisation creating business opportunities across all sectors, technology is driving the world into a new direction and to a more connected future. From advancements in sports entertainment, stadiums and robotics, this truly is an exciting phase of technological evolution. And it begins here.

Featured Speakers:

  • Laxmi Akkaraju, SVP Strategy, Cognite (Moderator)
  • Erik Greupner, CEO, San Diego Padres
  • Gillian Zucker, President, LA Clippers
  • Mike Finley, CEO, Boingo
  • Mike Pollitt, CSO, Boston Dynamics
  • Rob High, CTO, IBM




Alexis Cope

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