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How to help the poor hedge their insurance risks

08 DEC 2011

BPI Globe Banko launches m-insurance products

Poor people in developing countries live and work in risky environments, vulnerable to illness, accidental death and disability, loss of property due to theft or fire, agricultural losses, and natural and man-made disasters.  As a result, the mobile financial services industry is designing a range of products which can help the BOP hedge against some of these risks, thereby reducing their vulnerability and as a consequence, enabling them to improve their lives.
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Camilo is an Analyst for the mobile money for the unbanked (MMU) Programme at the GSM Association. In this role he supports the team on key research projects and also manages the dissemination of MMU research and learnings. Prior to joining the GSMA, he worked at the UN Economic Commission for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok, and at Microsoft Labs in Bangalore where he conducted ICT4D research in the technology for emerging markets team.

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