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HealthAlert App

07 FEB 2012

It’s an App that uses the smart phone’s GPS and compass to map info on potential health threats but here comes the cleaver bit, as well as seeing the info plotted on a map, the user can switch on the mobile phones camera (Augmented Reality) and pan the smartphone and up pops any potential health threat (categories and distances can be set by user) info on the screen.

Push notifications or health threat alerts will appear on the user’s smart phone to warn the user that he or she maybe entering an zone that has a possibility to be a health threat.

Lasty, App and website can identify any adults preventive services by grouping all the adults in the world into 12 groups.

In a word, its the all – in – one ultimate health app.

Embraces the following to assist the user to stay healthy

Augmented Reality
Notification Alert System
Google maps
Wiki tube
Map crawler
Risk assessment tool


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