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GSMA study of Health Hotlines in Emerging Markets

30 MAY 2012

Health hotlines (medical call centres) play an important role particularly in preventative medicine and disease diagnosis, strengthening over-burdened health facilities and healthcare service delivery, especially in developing countries.

•MNOs, particularly in developing markets, are increasingly providing health hotline services with at least 53 now offering some form of medical information and consultation service

•Pressure to differentiate and diversify revenue streams are driving MNOs to launch mHealth services such as health hotlines

•In markets where health hotlines have yet to be deployed, adoption barriers need to be removed through strong collaboration amongst internal and cross-border stakeholders

•In markets where health hotlines have already been deployed, endorsements from trusted institutions or personalities can help improve service awareness and consideration thereby potentially increasing the consumers’ adoption of the service.



Richard Handford

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