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GSMA Empowers Mobile Industry With Provision of Device Map – the Official Source of TAC and Device Intelligence

08 SEP 2016


The number of mobile devices continues to grow rapidly with thousands of different combinations of features, models and capabilities all vying for a customer’s attention. Trying to keep track of all of these devices and their various attributes creates a huge administrative burden for the mobile industry. Indeed, maintaining consistent, accurate and up-to-date data on mobile devices, which are uniquely identified by their Type Allocation Code (TAC), involves time-consuming research, manual updating as well as the management of multiple data sources from organisations and third parties.

To resolve this issue, the GSMA developed the GSMA Device Map database to make it easier for businesses in the mobile ecosystem to keep up to date with detail on every mobile device produced globally. Device Map offers users access to the most robust and comprehensive source of device information available anywhere including detail on hardware information, operating software, browser, radio capabilities, multimedia capabilities and much more.

John Hoffman, CEO and Director, GSMA Ltd commented: “As the administrator of TAC codes to the mobile industry, the GSMA is best placed to help businesses within the mobile ecosystem gain intelligence on all mobile devices produced globally. By having this wealth of data at their fingertips businesses are able to drive efficient processes and revenue growth at all stages of the supply chain which will ultimately help consumers benefit from better services and appropriately targeted messaging.”

Every new mobile device is issued with a unique 8-digit TAC code which is supplied through the GSMA. Manufacturers then add a 7-digit code which, when added to the TAC, becomes the International Mobile Identity number (IMEI). The GSMA is then able to generate the GSMA Device Map using these numbers.

GSMA Device Map also helps businesses to boost business insight by providing access to better metrics and richer data analysis as well as customize offers, encourage device upgrades, increase ARPU and reduce churn through better portfolio management. The service also helps to improve operations with enhanced planning and trouble shooting and reducing the time it takes to diagnose problems or activate new devices.

John Hoffman, CEO and Director, GSMA Ltd added “As the proliferation of mobile devices increases, so too does the strain on the mobile ecosystem in capturing the fullest possible insight into these devices. Our authoritative data is perfect for businesses wanting to be sure that they are getting the most comprehensive source of TAC and IMEI data available anywhere in the market.”