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Experts say consumers are wising up on personal data

30 MAY 2018

LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE 360 SERIES – PRIVACY & SECURITY: Consumers don’t fully understand how their data is being used or how to opt-out of sharing personal information, but they are becoming more aware and want to be in control, panellists in the morning keynote noted.

In a discussion titled Welcome to the era of GDPR: Navigating the Business Responsibilities and Opportunities, Amanda Long, director-general of Consumers International (pictured, far left), said users often say in surveys they are worried about how their data is being used and want companies booked for data violations.

However, they often agree to giving up personal data in return for online services.

Rimma Perelmuter, CEO of Mobile Ecosystem Forum (pictured, second from left), called such users “reluctant sharers” but said that since 2016 there has been a rising tide of consumers who are more savvy and will, for instance, delete apps they don’t trust, while actively engaging with the ones they do.

And herein lies the opportunity for the mobile industry to do better: “Trust has to be built into the service”, she stated, because consumers now understand their data is an asset.

Going forward, and with the enforcement of GDPR, she said it will be interesting to see if users are more active in managing their data and engaging in a value exchange. However, she believes in the midst of the hysteria leading up to GDPR enforcement, consumers are not any more wise nor do they feel they are more in control of their data.

Meanwhile Shadi Razak, CTO of Cynation (pictured, centre), said businesses need to have full transparency of where their data is going at all times and interfere when they think it may be misused. At the moment, he believes the tech world is on the backfoot, playing catch up when it comes to privacy and security, and adding a business perspective to a regulatory perspective is key.

Long stated there can be a win-win situation for all parties involved and the mobile industry can take the lead to create awareness and loyalty, and build on value exchange.

(Also pictured: Katryna Dow, founder and CEO of Meeco, second from right; and Mark Little, senior manager at GSMAi, far right)


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