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Be Smart with ALBtelecom

28 NOV 2016

ADVERTORIAL: Taking steps for a brighter future.

Smart Business is one of the key initiatives in our roadmap to fulfill our promise and make customers satisfied. ALBtelecom has the responsibility to support consumers and businesses with telecommunications and technology solutions for a brighter future.

This company has equally innovative and breakthrough initiatives for businesses.

Businesses who work with us and get their Internet connection are offered mobile communication packages with very captivating offers.

ALBtelecom is the only telecommunications company which can provide this benefit.

ALBtv for businesses is another excellent choice. Business who need a TV service, in addition to internet, PSTN and mobile communication can get their TV service from ALBtelecom.

Every single business would like to focus on its core business and would like an expert to deal with hosting and operating servers, managing connections, updating software and so on. ALBtelecom provides just the right solution for businesses with cloud services.

With our Smart Business initiative we talk about the real businesses with real stories of how ALBtelecom’s services support them.

They get their TV, internet, telephony and mobile services from us. Everything from one stop, with best quality and best price.



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