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Apple secures ITC victory over Samsung

17 SEP 2012

Apple has been victorious in a US International Trade Commission (ITC) patent infringement case concerning the iPhone and iPad brought against it by Samsung, reports Reuters.

The complaint, which was first filed in June 2011, covered two patents for technology used to transmit data and two related to device features that detect phone numbers in an email or web page and that allow document pages to be moved with the user’s finger. ITC judge James Gildea said in a notice posted on the agency’s website that Apple did not infringe any of the four patents.

Gildea also found that Samsung had not proven it had a domestic industry in the US that used the patents, a requirement of the trade agency in such cases.

The judge’s findings are now subject to review by the full Commission. A Samsung spokesman said the company is confident that the Commission will find Apple is “accountable for free-riding on our technological innovations”.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Rodney Sweetland, lawyer at Duane Morris in Washington, said Apple is “bulletproof” with the ITC, adding that the only way to be successful in legal action against the iPhone maker is to go abroad where the company has less clout.

Apple has previously won ITC cases brought against it by HTC and Motorola Mobility. Apple also has a complaint against Samsung pending with the ITC with the judge expected to release findings on 19 October.

The ITC decision follows a ruling by a federal jury in August that found Samsung guilty of infringing several Apple design patents and required the South Korean company to pay Apple US$1.05 billion in damages. The same jury also rejected claims by Samsung that Apple had infringed its patents.


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