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Apple ramps up patent offensive against Samsung

03 SEP 2012

Apple has filed a new intellectual property lawsuit claiming that four Samsung devices, including its flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone, infringe the same patents that were part of the case in which it was victorious two weeks ago.

Apple claims the S3, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy S2 (in its carrier-independent form) infringe the same design patents that Samsung was found to have contravened in the earlier case. The patents include the bounce-back response and tap-to-zoom features in the iOS interface and design patents such as the system used to display text and icons.

Samsung was ordered by the federal court in San Jose California to pay Apple US$1.05 billion in damages as a result of the jury’s verdict. The jury rejected claims that several of Samsung’s patents had been infringed by Apple.

There is also a potential US sales ban for eight of the Samsung devices that are still available, although a decision on this will take place following the conclusion of Samsung’s appeal against the initial decision.

The new lawsuit has been filed at the same US court as the first case, the District Court for the Northern District of California.

In contrast to the legal decisions in the US, a court in Japan found last week that Samsung did not violate any Apple patents involved in the synching of mobile devices and computers.


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