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Analytics a valuable tool for retaining users Flurry

29 OCT 2012

LIVE FROM DROIDCON LONDON: Flurry’s EMEA director for sales, Simon Podd (pictured), emphasised the role of accurate analytics in helping developers retain app users.

The ability for developers to know how users are interacting with their apps in terms of geography, age groups and across genres  can help them retain their audience more effectively. “You’ve got to use analytics to understand what your best users are like,” Podd said.

“Just because you’ve acquired users it doesn’t mean theyll stay with you forever,” said Podd, adding that on average apps lose 75 percent of their users in the three months after they are installed.
Using analytics, developers can identify their most valuable users, how changes to their apps impact usage and what the most popular app features are. “Your user base is going to be much more engaged and they will spend more money with you,” the Flurry executive explained.

Flurry data has revealed that 70 percent of new app projects are for iOS rather than Android. Podd suggested the reason for this could be that the average revenue for Android apps is just 24 percent of those on iOS.


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