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ALBtelecom: a professional solution for Internet Security Services

13 MAR 2017

ADVERTORIAL: ALBtelecom is the leading Internet Service Provider in Albania, which offers services for almost 90% of Albanian citizens and businesses. Security is one of the most important issues in technological and internet life. After getting stable internet connectivity, people care about service continuity, data protection, data integrity and security.

ALBtelecom offers many levels of security services, for single user devices, business networks, infrastructure security, corporate networks and server security.

Security solutions within the company is organised in 3 main levels:

  1. Network Level Security (DDoS protection, IPS, IDS, Firewall).
  2. Cloud Services Security, dedicated to the physical or virtual managed appliances for our cloud customers.
  3. End user security (Viruses, Botnets, malicious downloads, harmful websites) offered for any type of internet device.

ALBtelecom is able to provide Security Services for all customer segments starting from ISP or resellers, corporates, residential or mobile users and is listed as a very trusted network in all global datacenters and networks.

An efficient secure environment is created through collaboration between internet operators (ISP and Datacenters), which have implemented well-designed security policies, systems and infrastructure through a process which is improving continuously.

Internet Security Services offered by ALBtelecom enable security, reliability and protection for all enterprises’ privacy (banking institutions, hotels, restaurants, complexes etc.)



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