iPhone 5 named most “data hungry” device

15 JAN 2013

iPhone 5 users generate 50 percent more data than iPhone 4S users and four times as much as those using the earlier iPhone 3G model, according to a new study.

“From the 125 devices studied, users of the latest iPhone again proved the most voracious data consumers,” said mobile data analytics firm Arieso.

The study claims that the “hungriest” 1 percent of users account for 40 percent of total data. That’s down from the 50 percent share calculated a year ago, while the firm claims that new LTE networks are beginning to shoulder the data burden.

“The region we studied this year has recently launched LTE, and we’re already seeing extreme users – especially those with dongles – starting to flock to 4G,” said study author and Arieso CTO, Dr. Michael Flanagan.

“In many respects, this is great news – LTE networks are doing their job. But the consumption levels and patterns of LTE use are very different to what operators could expect from 3G,” he added.

Arieso said the study data originates from “a tier-one European operator.”

The study also found that, for the first time, smartphone users are consistently consuming more mobile data than tablet users. Out of the top ten most “voracious devices” (excluding dongles) six were smartphones, three tablets and one was a ‘phablet’. Tablet users placed fourth, eighth and ninth.

“This is pretty counterintuitive, but it seems the capabilities of the newest smartphones – not tablets – are unleashing even greater user demand,” said Flanagan.