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Infographic: How the iPhone 11 impacted the trade-in + resale market

The secondary mobile market is set to reach $39 billion by 2025 and growing faster than the primary: today the average phone will be used by 3 people before it’s scrapped. As trade-in rates rise and pressure to implement sustainable, risk-averse solutions for devices grows, today’s largest carriers and OEMs including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Samsung are pushing devices to secondary sales channels. Accordingly, the data generated across model, carrier, condition, and SKU is compelling; especially on the heels of a new iPhone launch.

B-Stock has compiled Q4 data from across its B2B Mobile Marketplaces and plugged it into this infographic that features:

  • The impact the iPhone 11 launch had on the secondary market
  • Month-over-month pricing on top iPhone models
  • Pricing behavior based on condition grades
  • Month-over-month iPhone depreciation patterns
  • How iPhone XS and XS Max pricing compared to other N-1 models

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