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Multi-band plus multi-antenna, the final destination of FDD NR evolution

07 DEC 2022

PRESS RELEASE: 5G encourages mobile services to move to higher speeds and zero-wait HD video. As the proportion of HD services increases, 4G capacity is facing huge challenges. The upgrade of 4G by 5G technologies is the industry consensus.

Thanks to Huawei’s advanced Massive MIMO technology applied into FDD evolution, Huawei Gigaband solutions enable 2- or 3-bands wideband power plus multi-antenna 4TR/8TR/32TR channels in a single box. These are the destinations of NR evolution for FDD spectrum.

The Huawei FDD Gigaband RRU portfolio supports both horizontal multi-sector and vertical multi-band.

FDD Gigaband, the best TCO solution.

For remote coverage and low traffic load scenarios, the Huawei Gigaband solution supports one RRU supporting horizontal 2/3 sector to minimized TCO. This solution has enabled 60 million people in remote areas of 70 countries to connect to 4G networks. In addition, this solution supports 2G/3G/4G/5G on-demand via software configuration. This results in a win-win situation between low-cost deployment by operators and social connectivity.

For FDD as capacity expansion scenario, FDD Gigaband uses the native multi-band plus multi-antenna technologies. This will help operators easily upgrade FDD all-band to 5G, while compatible with 2G/3G/4G without reinforce site facility. FDD Gigaband expands 4G capacity by native beamforming technologies. Three frequency bands are deployed in a single box, helping operators reduce TCO considerably.

Huawei has provided FDD Gigaband solutions for more than 100 networks, helping operators improve 4G capacity with 5G technologies and smoothly upgrade to NR.

FDD Gigaband, maximize capacity and experience

Gigaband is native MIMO. This feature helps operators to improve network capacity and coverage in all scenarios. Gigaband solutions are already deployed on a large scale. Operators achieve twice the overall 4G capacity and additional coverage efficiency with the same number of sites, antenna space and spectrum bandwidth, when they upgrade their FDD network with the Gigaband solution.

Approximately 65 percent of the lots are rooftop lots in urban areas. ​The conventional rooftop site deployment is to separate the three sector antennas at the three corners, which reduces the antenna shadow coverage. Huawei Gigaband can easily deploy vertical multi-band and multi-antenna technologies for upgrades. The Gigaband solution is deployed in different sectors without any feed cable power loss and coverage shadowing.

FDD Gigaband, maximize energy efficiency

Mobile network performance is affected by dynamic factors such as time, location and service model, which poses challenges for network energy efficiency improvement. According to Huawei’s network insights, the peak-to-average ratio of network utilization is as steep as three times. Huawei FDD Gigaband with extremely efficient wide band power amplification will easy to manage the traffic tidal effect by bands, channel switch on/off by Huawei power pooling solution for power sharing. Multi-antenna, on the other hand, will help the terminal get the best SINR with less power to transmit and receive.

Based on the commercial network verification, Huawei Gigaband solution can improve the energy efficiency (watt/bit) ratio by more than 2 times, reduce the power consumption by up to 40% with the same traffic consumption and increase network capacity by 1.8 to 3 times compared with the legacy network.

FDD Gigaband aims to achieve a simplified, high-performance and energy-efficient network for operators with the overall optimal solution for 5G evolution and to fulfill the European EHS standard. The FDD Gigaband solution addresses site assemblies of less than 25 kg for a single person and 50 kg for two people, while industry solutions may need more boxes or much more weight to achieve the same capability. This solution achieves the spectrum upgrade without increasing the weight, volume, and power consumption, and keeps the device stable over a long period of time. The FDD Gigaband solution helps operators redefine the evolutionary path of existing spectrum upgrades, accelerating all bands to 5G.

Huawei Gigaband won the 2022 MWC GLOMO “Best Mobile Infrastructure” award, proving that it is indeed the best choice in the industry.

Download the FDD Gigaband White Paper released by Huawei:



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