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Keeping Innovation RuralStar Pro, Connecting the Unconnected

25 JUN 2021

PARTNER FEATURE: According to a report published by the GSMA in 2020, 600 million people do not have mobile network coverage and 3.4 billion people do not have mobile Internet access. Most of these areas are remote, difficult to obtain site transmission and power, and high infrastructure costs. As a result, the return of investment (ROI) of traditional solutions is usually as high as 8 to 10 years. Operators are not willing to deploy networks.

How to break the dilemma? Huawei keep innovation by invest R&D for long time, launch RuralStar Pro solution. This solution uses modules with high integration, combines baseband, RF, and wireless backhaul into one module, achieving a simplified rural network of “one module, one site”. There are four characteristics:

Fast deployment: due to power consumption of the entire site is reduced to 100 W, which is similar to an incandescent lamp. Only two solar panels for the entire site. The site weight is reduced to less than 600 kg. The civil engineering is greatly reduced. Therefore, the installation finished in two days.

Worldwide application scenario: The RuralStar Pro adopts a simplified design. All devices are installed on the pole. The weight of the high-gain omnidirectional antenna is only 6 kg. The streamlined design has a very low wind resistance and a maximum wind resistance of 210 km/h, which meets the requirements for deployment in islands, deserts, typhoons, and high mountains.

High capacity: A RuralStar Pro can connect a village with 3,000 people and provide voice calls and high-speed MBB Internet access services. The download rate reaches 80 Mbit/s, meeting the requirements of online-healthcare, online-education, mobile money, mobile trade, and office services under COVID-19 epidemic. In addition, multiple operators can share the site, accelerating the universal connection.

Low carbonation: solar energy with zero carbon emission. Remote O&M and automatic site check, reduce carbon emissions caused by monthly site visit.

David Guo, President of Huawei Wireless Network Site Product Line, said: “Due to the long ROI, both operators and equipment vendors are very cautious in investing in rural coverage. However, Huawei has always been committed to bridging the digital divide and has never stopped investing in innovative solutions for connectivity. RuralStar Pro is the latest achievement of Huawei’s continuous investment for many years. It features powerful functions, fast deployment, and low cost. It will accelerate the popularization of rural network coverage and make every effort to bring digital life to every corner of the world.”

Since the first-generation RuralStar solution was commercially deployed in 2018. The RuralStar family has been widely used in over 60 countries and provides connectivity services for more than 50 million people.



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