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Industry First Commercial Long-reach E-band Verified by China Mobile Inner Mongolia and Huawei

11 OCT 2021

PRESS RELEASE: China Mobile Inner Mongolia field-tested Huawei’s innovative long-reach E-band microwave solution in Ordos, Inner Mongolia for optimal 5G backhaul.

E-band works at 80 GHz, and is perfect for backhaul given its ability to deliver a high bandwidth of up to 20 Gb/s and low delay. Given the high working frequencies, E-band supports only a limited transmission distance, creating a great challenge for operators to apply this band at the scale required to accelerate their 5G deployment.

Huawei’s long-reach E-band solution uses unique integrated high-transmission-power equipment and large-size intelligent beam tracking (IBT) antenna, providing a 12–18 dB higher link gain than industry’s average. As such, E-band signals can reach 5G base stations more than 10 km away, basically meeting the backhaul distance requirements. In addition, the integrated design avoids the issues of complicated power supply and low reliability of the previous separate design, providing a strong support for scaled commercial deployment.

Looking to maximize E-band’s advantages in transmission distance for quicker 5G deployment in the city, the branch of China Mobile Inner Mongolia in Ordos decided to deploy Huawei’s innovative long-reach E-band solution in the Banner of Otog of Ordos.

The one-month long field test found that the links remained stable at maximum capacity, and services were not effected when the tower swayed in strong wind.
Mr. Xu Cheng at China Mobile Inner Mongolia commented that “The long-reach E-band microwave solution enables quick implementation of 5G backhaul solutions. By allowing for a longer transmission distance, long-reach E-band will significantly accelerate our 5G development.”



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