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#HWMBBF2019: Sneak Preview SingleRAN Innovation for 5G Foundation

10 OCT 2019

PARTNER FEATURE: Now that 5G has arrived, four generations of radio access technologies coexist. This underpins the importance of multi-mode technology for large-scale 5G deployment. Huawei SingleRAN uses software-defined radio (SDR) multi-mode technology to enable a single device to simultaneously support multiple modes. Leading multi-band technology enables one RF device to support up to three bands, greatly reducing the number of devices. Innovative RF units enable the integration of 5G massive MIMO and passive antennas at a high level to reduce antenna installation space. Thanks to multimode baseband units featuring high-level integration and power supplies, equipment rooms and cabinets are no longer necessary, allowing base station deployment on poles. This greatly simplifies 5G construction and accelerates 5G development.

The MBBF2019 SingleRAN exhibition displays the latest innovation achievements of multi-mode base stations in terms of form, hardware products, and software algorithms, and demonstrates the science and cool technology behind these leading products.

[Highlight 1] Wireless Network Innovation in the SingleRAN Corridor

  • Super BladeSite: The Super BladeSite series offers a new form for microwave solutions, further improving product performance. 5G pole micro products are introduced to ensure 5G coverage and capacity. Combined with powerful performance and high-level integration, Huawei’s scenario-based simplified deployment solutions help 5G flourish
  • Green deployment: Huawei is dedicated to a green 5G world. The PowerStar solution has already been deployed across many countries, considerably reducing customer rental costs and carbon emissions. At MBBF2019, SingleRAN will launch a more intelligent and more energy efficient solution to promote green base station deployment.
  • Simplified fronthaul enables simplified centralized RAN: Facing challenging site acquisition and high rental costs of equipment rooms, some operators choose centralized deployment to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). This underscores the importance of fronthaul and clock deployment. Visit our exhibition at MBBF and discover how SingleRAN’s new CRAN solution addresses this challenge.
  • Wireless Network Algorithm Innovation Expands the Limits of Shannon’s Law: Huawei’s extensive research in basic mathematics has served to cement its leadership in the field of 5G. Thanks to a series of algorithm innovations, Huawei has achieved leading positions in coverage, throughput, latency, and resource utilization. The SingleRAN exhibition outlines how Huawei ensures an optimal experience through spectrum architecture and clock innovations.

[Highlight 2] Super BladeSite for Simplified Deployment

5G, Gear up. Simplified deployment is a prerequisite for 5G. Super BladeSite supports on-pole base station deployment, offering the best interpretation of Huawei’s goal to achieve simplified networks through high integration, powerful RF line-ups, innovative basebands, and microwave products. At the field exhibitions in Zurich, you will experience real and powerful 5G simplified sites. In addition, we will deliver some exciting news regarding Super BladeSite at MBBF!

The Global Mobile Broadband Forum is happening in Zurich on the 15th and 16th of October 2019. Register here to attend, to learn about current and future industry trends around 5G, see the latest cutting edge applications of 5G, to be inspired about the future, and to make valuable industry connections.



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