#HWMBBF: Sneak Peek iMaster MBB Automation Engine (MAE) Enables Autonomous Driving Mobile Network in 5G Era - Mobile World Live

#HWMBBF: Sneak Peek iMaster MBB Automation Engine (MAE) Enables Autonomous Driving Mobile Network in 5G Era

30 SEP 2019


  • 5G has arrived, and with it comes new bands, a new air interface, and new architecture. Multiple radio access technologies will continue to co-exist, as will the heterogeneous networking of macro and micro base stations. Network density will be unprecedented, and as 5G terminals, services, and scenarios further diversify, extra complexity will be added to mobile networks. As a result, network autonomy will become inevitable in the 5G era.
  • Based on the innovative architecture of hierarchical autonomy and vertical collaboration, Huawei has achieved new breakthroughs in mobile network automation, enabling autonomous 5G networks that boast simplified O&M, optimal performance, and business agility.
  • Since the release of Autonomous Driving Mobile Networking at the Mobile Broadband Forum 2018, Huawei’s MAE has initiated the Ten Engines program worldwide through collaboration with leading global mobile network operators. Based on the planning, construction, maintenance, optimization, and business operations of 5G networks, and thanks to continuous joint innovation with customers, MAE has achieved remarkable results. Join us at MBBF 2019 and experience MAE at the Autonomous 5G exhibition.

Exhibition Hall: Autonomous 5G

  • 5G-oriented accurate planning: 5G high frequency bands are prone to varying penetration loss, depending on materials. How can accurate GIS modelling be implemented, and how can accurate network planning be ensured? Join us to experience how Huawei achieves precise network planning solutions in environments with vastly different materials.
  • Level 3 Use Cases of Mobile Network Autonomy: Experience first-hand how mobile network autonomy enables the implementation of accurate network planning, construction, operation and maintenance, and optimization in the 5G era.
  • Intent-driven Automatic Service Provisioning: 5G heralds a wave of fresh productive forces for all industries. Discover how service provisioning automation perfectly assures differentiated service requirements in various vertical industries.
  • Most Open Operation and Maintenance Platform: For autonomous driving mobile networking, joint collaboration across the industry chain is required. At this year’s exhibition, learn more about Huawei’s open API and programming environments. Demonstration opportunities will be provided, enabling you to experience intuitive orchestration through DIY operations.

Industry Summit: Impressive Line-up for Autonomous 5G Roundtable

  • During the 2018 Wireless Network Automation Roundtable, we discussed with industry experts the importance of network automation to 5G networks. At MBBF 2019, our stellar lineup includes the Telus CTO, Telenor SVP, and ETSI’s secretary general, who will share the most competitive experience in innovation and discuss how to achieve 5G network automation.

Key topics being discussed at the roundtable will be:

  • What level of network automation has been achieved in the industry?
  • What practical experience have leading 5G mobile network operators Telus and LG U+ gained regarding the application of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies?
  • What progress has been made in the area of network automation standardization?

The Global Mobile Broadband Forum is happening in Zurich on the 15th and 16th of October 2019. Register here to attend, to learn about current and future industry trends around 5G, see the latest cutting edge applications of 5G, to be inspired about the future, and to make valuable industry connections.



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