PARTNER FEATURE: MBBF2019: Exhibition Highlights

Four exhibition areas will be set up at the MBBF 2019 to demonstrate the force of 5G’s acceleration. These exhibition areas will offer attendees a first-hand experience of leading carriers’ 5G commercial success stories, immersive experiences of 5G use cases, and Huawei’s E2E innovative technologies. You will also have an opportunity to witness the global debuts of Huawei’s latest 5G innovations and solutions.

Top 5G Use Case’s Inspire 5G Business Success

  • 10+ 5G Use Case Exhibitions, Versatile Immersive Experience: MBBF 2019 will showcase over 10 top 5G use cases, including 5G 8K live streaming, 5G AR/VR, and 5G smart manufacturing. Attendees will be taken on an interactive journey that includes brand-new and premium 5G immersive experiences.


Cool Technologies That Empower the Future of 5G

  • E2E Core Hardware and Software Technologies Including Chips, Materials, and Algorithms: The MBBF 2019 Cool Tech exhibition will present you with Huawei’s E2E fundamental technology innovations which include more than 10 hardware technologies in chips and materials as well as software breakthroughs in DPD and always-online algorithms. These innovations highlight Huawei’s continuous investments in fundamental research and development.

Global Debuts and Release of Wireless Network Innovations and Solutions

  • 5G E2E Innovative Solutions: MBBF 2019 will display a full series of 5G solutions to bring you a new horizon of 5G ultra-lean networks. These solutions will range from 5G full-scenario ultra-lean sites to Green 5G, ultimate experience for 5G word-of-mouth use cases, 5G microwave, and 5G power supply.

  • Wireless Network Automation: The Autonomous 5G exhibition will provide you with a unique opportunity to experience cutting-edge autonomous wireless network applications, such as flexible business support, acute visual recognition, intelligent football games, adaptive precise network planning, a flourishing open ecosystem, and level 3 and level 4 self-driving powered by autonomous networks. OpenSDK will be jointly released with industry partners.
  • 5G Digital Indoor Solution (5G DIS): In the initial rollout of 5G networks, the massive rise in demand on indoor networks, and the robustness of these networks, will demonstrate the competitiveness of 5G carriers. The DIS exhibition will showcase indoor simplified networks, the 5G indoor premium experience, and the 5G DIS + X to help attendees understand the development trends of the digital indoor industry and the main drivers behind the flourishing ecosystem.

  • LTE-Powered Fundamental Network for 5G: The LTE exhibition will display the latest innovation and solutions that enable the most cost-efficient coverage in full scenarios, 5G-like capacity experience, and collaboration with NR, as well as high-value services such as NB-IoT and WTTX. It will inspire attendees to business success from an all-round perspective of industry, the ecosystem, and solutions.

First-Round of 5G Success Stories

  • Stunning Exhibitions by Sunrise and Other early 5G Adopters: As of August 2019, 35 carriers have announced their commercial adoption of 5G globally. At MBBF 2019, the first-round of 5G commercial adopters, such as Switzerland’s Sunrise, will display their stunning use cases and deployments as well as share their 5G commercial deployment success stories and business strategies.

The Global Mobile Broadband Forum is happening in Zurich on the 15th and 16th of October 2019. Register here to attend, to learn about current and future industry trends around 5G, see the latest cutting edge applications of 5G, to be inspired about the future, and to make valuable industry connections.