PARTNER FEATURE: The Global Mobile Broadband Forum (Global MBBF) has witnessed 10 years of rapid development and technological evolution in the mobile industry. The global commercial rollout of 5G has taken off and the world’s 5G pioneers and leaders will gather in Zurich, Switzerland to jointly promote 5G’s accelerating development and start a new chapter in mobile communications. 5G, Gear Up!

2019 marks the first year of 5G’s commercial adoption. The commercial progress has exceeded all expectations, with Huawei gaining more than 50+ commercial contracts worldwide. Scaled deployment has already kicked off in markets in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. How can industry evolve and develop in the 5G era? How can competitive commercial 5G networks be built? How can 5G business success be ensured? 5G exhibitions at the MBBF 2019 hold the answers to these questions.

5G Business Insights, 5G Value Monetization

5G transcends the limits of smartphones and accelerates the growth of AR/VR and other new services while significantly improving user experience. Live media, smart manufacturing, remote healthcare, industrial control, smart driving, and other industrial applications have gained momentum. This exhibition will provide you with the world’s latest immersive innovative experience and enable you to explore new business opportunities in line with global commercial development, helping you comprehensively understand 5G’s new business opportunities.


Less Is More: Building Simplified 5G Networks

“Handle the complication and leave customers with simplicity.” This is one of the core principles behind Huawei’s continued investment in sites, architecture, operations and maintenance, energy conservation, and many other domains to build ultra-lean 3D networks that consist of 5G macro sites, pole sites, and indoor sites. Huawei’s simplified network solutions have been widely deployed in Asia Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East. Huawei’s leading products, solutions, and commercial practices are essential to the acceleration of large-scale 5G commercial adoption around the world.

Competitive Networks, Premium Experience

Network performance is essential to competitiveness in the 5G era. Coverage that enables premium experience is essential to 5G’s network performance in dense urban areas, highways, places that need high uplink bandwidth, and various other commercial scenarios.

Huawei’s leading solutions enable a robust but premium experience in various use cases. For example, the Massive MIMO technology supports scenario-specific beamforming, which is important for achieving accurate coverage and concentrating energy on target UEs. Accurate pairing and anti-interference algorithms offer extra support to deliver top speed experience to users and ensure maximum cell capacity. Follow MBBF 2019 to stay up to date with the latest details here

The Global Mobile Broadband Forum is happening in Zurich on the 15th and 16th of October 2019. Register here to attend, to learn about current and future industry trends around 5G, see the latest cutting edge applications of 5G, to be inspired about the future, and to make valuable industry connections.