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Huawei’s Super BladeSite Adopted Worldwide

11 JAN 2020

PRESS RELEASE: In 2019, Huawei unveiled its 5G simplified site solution, Super BladeSite. To date, it has been widely adopted worldwide, including Russia, the UK, Switzerland, Argentina, and so on.

The Super BladeSite solution has the characteristics of full-outdoor and modular. It can make full use of the existing site resources to reduce the dependence of 5G deployment on site resources, realize the “one pole for one site” concept, and eliminate the need for equipment rooms and air-conditioners, thereby simplifying 5G site deployment and greatly reducing site TCO.

In Russia, 37% macro sites on live networks are using monopole towers. Due to low device integration, the remaining space is not enough to support 5G evolution. In this case, Super BladeSite needs only half less space to deploy. 50% of costs can be saved, and 40% less time is required for device installation, enabling quick 5G construction.

In the UK and Switzerland, insufficient pole resources hold back quick 5G deployment. BladeAAU integrates passive multi-band antenna and an AAU in a single box. The passive antenna can support all sub-3 GHz bands, while the active antenna supports C-band massive MIMO. Therefore, BladeAAU delivers an ideal solution to one-pole-for-one-sector scenarios, enabling 5G quick deployment.

In Argentina, high TCO and long TTM are long standing bottlenecks for new site construction. Super BladeSite’s full-outdoor modules can all be mounted on poles, such as dual-band BladeRRU, BladeBBU, BladePower, BladeBattery, and highly integrated antennas. It simplifies site acquisition, saves space, and retains a friendly environment. Compared with traditional rooftop sites, Super BladeSite reduces CAPEX by 20%, OPEX by 43%, and TTM by 52%, improving construction efficiency.

“Huawei has been always innovating products and solutions based on customer requirements to make products and solutions as simple as possible for customers. Super BladeSite is one paragon of this effort. This solution eliminates the need for equipment rooms for outdoor sites and simplifies antenna deployment in the 5G era. It enables telecom operators to easily deploy massive MIMO to speed up 5G construction. Huawei will continue to help customers achieve greater success,” said Ma Hongbo, President of Huawei Wireless SingleRAN Product Line.



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