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Huawei’s 5G Digital Indoor System Assures Ultra-Dense 5G Demonstration at 2019 China Unicom Partner Conference

26 APR 2019

PRESS RELEASE: [Shanghai, China, April 23, 2019] At the 2019 China Unicom Partner Conference that took place in the Shanghai Expo Center, Huawei joined up with China Unicom to formally launch a 5G digital indoor system. This launch is aimed at enabling wireless access for the terminals of China Unicom’s seven terminal partners in order to help them showcase their 5G services during this conference.

It is the first time in the industry that a 5G pre-commercial network has successfully accomplished radio access for multi-type terminals from different manufacturers based on different chipsets. This event is also the first of its kind in the industry to have successfully implemented ultra-dense 5G services. The end-to-end demo incorporating 5G mobile networks, terminals, and applications perfectly fits with the conference’s theme: Boundless Cooperation Towards A Shared New Ecosystem.















Ultra-Dense Traffic: Rehearsal of 5G Commercial Services

This is the fourth consecutive year that China Unicom has held its partner conference event since the first China Unicom Partner Conference and Communication Information Terminal Trade Fair in 2015. Both the scale and the influence of this event have grown with each passing year. Taking place in the Shanghai Expo Center, this year’s event had a display area measuring 13,700 m2 and it is expected to bring together more than 600 industry partners and welcome over 30,000 visitors.

Ensuring such a diverse range of service requirements of so many manufacturers and visitors sets new high standards and requirements for the indoor networks. China Unicom selected Huawei’s 5G digital indoor system for these requirements to be met. A total number of 47 digital headends were deployed to serve 25 indoor cells covering the center hall, terminal display hall, enterprise and government service display hall, and self-service dining hall as well as meeting rooms.

With this deployment, Huawei’s 5G digital indoor system achieved continuous network coverage in the Shanghai Expo Center and provided large-capacity ultra-dense services in this famous venue. The download speed in the auditorium was 780 Mbit/s despite many people congregating there and the average peak data rate exceeded 500 Mbit/s for 5G smartphones in the terminal display hall. These data statistics represent a clear proof of the capability of the system to meet MBB requirements for high-definition video services, high-definition voice services, and AR games.

Seven Brands Demonstrated Their 5G Terminal Services

Huawei’s 5G digital indoor system successfully provided connections to more than 50 models of customer-premises equipment (CPE) products and 5G terminals from seven major brands, including Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, ZTE, and Nubia. The demo services included high-definition voice and video calls, simultaneous access, uploads, and downloads of terminals from these brands, and peak rate tests on the 5G terminals.

Thanks to the joint efforts of China Unicom, terminal manufacturers, and network vendors, network access and service verification were completed on all 5G terminals before the demo. This made it possible for visitors to get a first-hand experience of the 5G terminals’ excellent performance.

New Services to Open Up New Cooperation Opportunities

The 5G digital indoor coverage offered a platform for these attending exhibitors to showcase their latest achievements relating to consumer internet, industry internet, and home internet as well as in other many fields. Visitors were also offered the chance to try out 5G VR live streaming and cloud games thanks to the high download speeds on 5G terminals.

Other amazing demos included 5G remote medical service systems to address the imbalanced distribution of medical care resources among regions, 5G-driven security robots to improve surveillance efficiency and to help ensure urban security, and new media applications featuring 4K high-definition video uploads from thousands of kilometers away.

5G is widely believed to perform well in terms of its large-bandwidth support, extremely small transmission delays, and massive connection capacity. This undoubtedly helps to deliver the Gbit/s download experience to MBB users and create tremendous business opportunities and a promising future to vertical markets.




















The 5G continuous coverage in the Shanghai Expo Center and the successful support for 5G demos demonstrate that China Unicom is already capable of launching 5G commercial use in this venue. At the same time, the successful streamlining between terminals and pipes is an indication that China Unicom, its terminal partners, and Huawei’s networks are already capable of kicking off scaled 5G commercial deployment.



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