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Huawei Held the First 5G Microwave Industry Roundtable, says 5G is Energizing the Microwave Industry

25 OCT 2019

PRESS RELEASE: At the 10th Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Huawei successfully held the First Microwave Industry Roundtable. More than 30 guests from leading global operators, analyst firms, consulting companies, as well as representatives from Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) analyst, insulting companies gathered together to share their ideas about 5G wireless backhaul networks and the current development trends in the microwave industry from the perspective of spectrum and technology.

Yang Xi, President of Huawei’s Microwave Product Line, made the opening speech. “Microwave solutions will be essential for implementing 5G backhaul, and their capabilities and technological evolution are crucial to improving backhaul performance. A robust microwave industry will significantly accelerate the growth of the mobile industry. Technological innovation and supporting spectrum strategies are one of the determining factors affecting long-term evolution within the microwave industry.” said Mr. Yang in this speech.

Laurent Bodusseau, Senior Director Spectrum from GSMA, delivered a keynote speech. He pointed out that “Microwave backhaul will play a key role in the 5G era. Its success is reliant on making the right spectrum available, under right licensing conditions, and at a fair price. Only then will the technology’s use become sustainable, economical and efficient.”

Renato Lombardi, Huawei fellow and Chairman of ISG mWT Group of ETSI, shared Huawei’s latest microwave solutions as well as futuristic microwave technology. He believes that, “5G is energizing microwave technology. Further innovations with Beamforming and MU-MIMO will bring microwave backhaul capacity to new levels, such as 100Gbps and beyond. Higher frequency band microwave will be utilized more to reflect the network topology change in the 5G era.”

Operator and analyst representatives also shared their opinions on microwave technology and the industry as a whole. They regarded microwave as a main backhaul media for mobile networks, adding that the healthy development of the microwave industry was crucial to 5G development and further LTE expansion. In their views, spectrum represents the core resources of microwave, and its optimization in response to shifting industry dynamics is key to furthering technological development. Huawei’s microwave technology and 5G-oriented spectrum strategies will serve as a strong stimulus to energize the entire microwave industry.



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