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Connecting the unconnected, RuralStar bring digital life to everyone

24 JUN 2021

PARTNER FEATURE: When you’re immersed in ultra-fast 5G amazing services, 600 million people around the world are still blocked from accessing mobile networks. When you experience seamless online shopping and online education, 3.4 billion people worldwide have not experienced mobile Internet services. On the road where connections are not connected, no one will be left behind. We can feel the life changes by RuralStar deployment.



Over 95% of these noted that all schools had been forced to close during the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa. A lack of access to technology is the biggest barrier for learning, which RuralStar provide mobile network to build a bridge between students and teachers.


Connected Healthcare for the Out of Reach in Kenya and New Zealand. Bring the latest COVID-19 epidemic handling methods and emergency telemedicine services. Serving New Zealand’s rural heartlands with tech-powered mobile clinics.


Mobile money services is a position boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced people to turn to digital services as a safer transaction method than using cash. More than 1.2 billon mobile money users which support by mobile connectivity in EM countries.


Due to the lack of information, rural crops cannot be effectively sold to cities and agricultural technical information cannot be obtained. Mobile networks bridge the information gap and boost rural economic vitality.

Huawei has been committed to bridging the digital divide and has never stopped in innovative solutions for connectivity. RuralStar Pro is the latest achievement. It features strong functions, fast deployment, and cost-efficient. It is bound to accelerate the popularization of rural network coverage. Huawei will keeping innovate on technology and bring digital life to every corner of the world.



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