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China Unicom’s cutting edge 5G DIS showcased through CCTV’s Live 5G Broadcast of MWC Shanghai 2019

03 JUL 2019

PARTNER FEATURE: Mobile World Congress Shanghai 2019 was, for the first time ever, broadcast using the latest 5G technology. CCTV broadcast the event via 5G mobile streams, benefiting from the technology’s high-definition video, portability, low latency, and huge bandwidth that is revolutionizing live broadcasting.

CCTV media reporters started the broadcast tour with just their 5G mobile phone, but by connecting to China Unicom’s 5G DIS networks, were able to stream clear video from the MWC exhibition halls to hundreds of millions of views across multiple internet platforms.

One of the most noticeable changes at this year’s MWC Shanghai is that 5G is now becoming a reality as visitors begin to witness the real changes the technology can make across a multitude of industries. China issued its first commercial 5G licenses to operators this month, giving a huge boost to the telecom sector and indicating that the nation is on the brink of wide-scale 5G adoption.

There is a Chinese saying that food and fodder must come before troops and horses, and operators in the country had been running many 5G trials indoors and outdoors to prepare for commercialization well before the licenses were issued. China Unicom has long been a pioneer in 5G and has been blazing a trail of innovation for networks in all scenarios, industries and environments, for businesses and consumers. Airports, railway stations, arenas, and other high-value use cases are now prime targets for China Unicom to deploy 5G DIS networks as they look to demonstrate the value of indoor 5G networks in areas of high mobile use.

Here are some highlights of 5G DIS from China Unicom during the event.

DIS delivers 5G indoor coverage
The MWC Shanghai 2019 event marks the first major international exhibition following the official licensing of 5G in China. It is also an important window for China Unicom to showcase its 5G commercial performance, demonstrate its innovations of the technology, and provide commercially viable services to its first batch of 5G users.

China Unicom started 5G DIS network planning for the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) – where MWC Shanghai is being held – in April 2019. After successfully deploying Huawei’s 5G LampSite in exhibition halls at partner conferences, China Unicom used existing traffic data from the SNIEC to quickly finalize installation locations and capacity plans for the venue.

In open exhibition areas like the SNIEC, interference control and capacity typically contradict one another. China Unicom used external antennas to restrict the coverage area of each cell in a way that offered precise coverage while controlling interference from overlap between cells. Even with the high level of data traffic at MWC Shanghai, China Unicom’s 5G LampSite network not only ensured high quality uninterrupted live TV broadcasts but also provided 800+Mbit/s speeds, realizing the company’s goal of delivering a premium experience for MWC Shanghai 2019.

Speed test on 5G smartphone in SNIEC

End-to-End Applications for 5G DIS
China Unicom showcased several 5G applications across a range of industries at the event, such as unmanned distribution, smart security, and smart ports using 5G technology. One of the centerpieces on show was an unmanned food delivery system revealed in partnership with Huawei and Meituan Group.

Distribution cars were equipped with a laser radar and three HD cameras which fed real-time data via the 5G DIS network to a remote control system. Even traveling through S-shaped bends, the cars were able to safely deliver food packages. China Unicom plans to expand this application to stadiums, parks, and other venues for pilot tests and promotional events.

China Unicom Officially Launches its 5G DIS Industry Alliance
With 70% of all mobile traffic being indoors, indoor digital connectivity has been key to China Unicom’s 5G strategy. Last year, while 5G standards were still in the preliminary stage and the technology was still in an industry-wide pilot phase, China Unicom researched 5G indoor networks, building on its vast experience in similar deployments using 4G. Using that research, it partnered Huawei to release the 5G-Oriented Indoor Digitalization Solution White Paper at last year’s MWC Shanghai event.

Three months later, China Unicom successfully launched the world’s first 5G DIS network and conducted a series of verification tests in the Changhua Building, a Beijing construction where residents used it to make long-distance calls. With the help of 5G, this old building has been born again.

A year on from last year’s MWC Shanghai event, China Unicom is reiterating its commitment to 5G DIS by forming the 5G DIS Innovation and Development Alliance with Huawei, Datang and other industry partners. The alliance hopes to expand digital indoor markets and ecosystems, promote product development and applications, and build premium experience indoor 5G networks that deliver tangible business solutions.

China Unicom 5G DIS Innovation and Development Alliance



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