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Huawei hails digital benefits for telcos

03 SEP 2018

LIVE FROM OPERATIONS TRANSFORMATION FORUM 2018: Hua Liang, board chairman of Huawei, highlighted the key benefits for operators of becoming digital, as the industry readies itself for the launch of commercial 5G services.

In a keynote speech, the executive drew a line between businesses which have digitised processes, and those which have fully embraced digital technology. “When you are digitised, you get the efficiency, the reliability and the cost savings. When you are digital, you achieve revenue generation and growth,” he said.

“There are three major reasons to go digital. First, you can improve the efficiency and speed of the business processes and IT. Second, you can deliver new capabilities and services. Third, you can better capture digital opportunities.”

It was noted that “the process of digital transformation isn’t easy”, with a figure of 18 months being given. “In the 4G era, digital services can be seen as optional. But in the 5G era, where everything is in the cloud, those digital services are not optional: they are a must,” he continued.

As part of the evolution, the Huawei head said that when it comes to operators shifting to intelligent operations, “automation is fundamental”. And making use of data is also a key to success: “Using AI with the data means operators can identify and push value-added services to the customer at the right time.”



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