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Huawei to invest 1.2B in UK report

11 SEP 2012

Huawei is set to announce an investment of £1.2 billion in the UK telecoms market over the next five years with the sum split equally between direct investment and procurement, according to a report on Sky News. The UK is one of the western European markets where the Chinese vendor is attempting to establish a position as a leading network supplier to tier-one mobile operators. The vendor is also looking to push its handsets in Europe, sometimes offering the hardware as operator-branded devices.

The investment might also have a positive impact on job creation in the UK with at least 700 jobs created as a result.  A report in The Telegraph also mentions that Huawei has been searching for a European R&D centre.

Certainly the Chinese company has been a growing presence in the UK. And it has not encountered the same political opposition encountered in the US, which has limited its progress there.  It was awarded a network supply contract by UK operator Everything Everywhere in May last year.  It has also moved to recruit leading industry executives to its ranks, including Brian McBride, former MD of Amazon UK and T-Mobile UK.


Richard Handford

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