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HTC pins hopes on WP8 as revenue decline continues

07 SEP 2012

HTC has reported a decline in revenue for August compared to the same period last year but is pinning hopes of a recovery on its upcoming devices using the latest Windows Phone 8 (WP8) OS.

HTC reported unaudited consolidated revenue of TWD24.0 billion (US$806.8 million) for the month of August, down 47 percent compared to the August 2011 figure of TWD45.3 billion. Total unaudited consolidated revenue from January to August is TWD207.9 billion.

However, HTC's president of sales and marketing Jason Mackenzie said the company is looking to WP8 to drive its smartphone sales, with the new OS featuring a revamped design and enjoying operator support.

HTC is currently reliant on Android-based smartphones for much of its revenue but has seen a marked sales decline due to competition from Apple’s iPhone and other Android rivals such as Samsung.

Despite there also being competition from Samsung and Nokia for sales of WP8 phones, Mackenzie told Reuters HTC will be able to compete effectively as rivals have typically focused their design efforts on Android devices while HTC has focused on both Android and Windows.

MacKenzie said HTC will compete with "a unique (industrial design) language for Windows phones, a language that can be held up by Microsoft as a flagship".

Mackenzie added that, unlike Nokia, HTC has numerous firm commitments from operators who will sell its WP8 devices. "Our plan is to go big on Windows 8," he told Reuters, adding that he would like to see a “more balanced portfolio” of Android and Windows devices in terms of revenue, while continuing to grow both of them.


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