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Cloud-native 5G – Getting Started

As they deploy 5G, telecoms operators around the world are experimenting with cloud-native core networks, which offer greater flexibility, scalability and automation than conventional telecoms networks. This paper explores how telecoms operators could go about implementing a cloud-native 5G core network. Most early movers are taking one of two approaches to deploy a cloud-native 5G core:

The migration approach the operator works with its existing network equipment provider to upgrade the core network to support 5G. In this case, the operator relies heavily on the vendor and is limited to its proposition.

The do-it-yourself approach the operator selects their preferred vendor network function by network function and integrates these systems in its own labs. This is a complex and time-consuming approach.

HPE is proposing a third way to provide operators with the control and flexibility inherent in the do-it-yourself approach, but with much lower costs and a much shorter implementation timeframe.

Please, click here to download the whitepaper.