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How To Gain Increased Revenue From Every Smartphone User

Carriers around the world are looking to become providers of far more than connectivity. Carriers are focusing instead on customers’ digital lifestyles to build loyalty and increase customer satisfaction. However, providing introductory subscriptions to premium value-added services (VAS) is not sustainable in developing markets and, in developed markets, it does not provide the reduced churn carriers need.

An increasingly popular alternative is to provide VAS that deliver similar experiences to premium brand offerings but at a radically lower price point and on a permanent basis. Adopting this strategy gives customers the services and experiences they want at a cost that is affordable while encouraging network usage and generating additional revenues.

This paper explains how, by providing a bundle of services designed to cater to high data use, carriers can generate more revenue from every customer and cement the association in customers’ minds that their carrier does more than simply provide the connection.

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