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Hosted Whitepapers

Here you can find a selection of whitepapers that are free for you to download and keep. Please note that these are independently produced and supplied and any views and opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the GSMA or its subsidiaries.

[box-list title=”Quality Assurance Testing For 5G Industrial Applications” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”How Active Testing can help CSPs to avoid Enterprise customer churn in a post COVID world” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”The Benefits of eSim” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”How Educational Institutions Leverage New Communication Technology for Research and New Innovation Development” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Success in Private Networks through multi-vendor Open Infrastructure” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”CBRS Spectrum and the Future of Private Wireless Networks” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Telco Opportunities For API-Driven Digital Marketplaces” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”QCT 5G OmniPOD Addresses Outdoor and Multi-site Scenarios” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Using eSIM and iSIM will save money for IoT deployments” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”The Best Foundations Are Versatile” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”The Economic Benefits of Dell Telecom Multi-Cloud Foundation” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”The Outlook for Open vRAN Deployment” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Deploying 5G Private Networks: Timeline, Segments and Strategies” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Real-time decisions in Telecommunications” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”THE AI BUSINESS CASE GUIDE” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”The Total Economic Impact™ Of Pega Customer Service” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”eSIMs: The Optimal Choice for 5G IoT Deployments” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”The 2021 eSIM Buyer’s Guide for Operators” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”The Road to Digital – Telco Insight Summary Report” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Design for the Future – Telco Cloud Infrastructure” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Open & Virtualized – The Future of Radio Access Network” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”mmWave 5G – Its crucial role in the 5G commercial journey” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Thales Trusted Digital ID” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”5G Reality Shock” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”How to Accelerate eSIM Adoption and Integration Into Any Mobile Phone” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”LOON: High Altitude, Higher Ambitions” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”How to tackle challenges of vAAA deployment and derive maximum benefits?” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Empower your team and accelerate innovation with industry-leading 5G learning” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Network Performance Score (NPS)” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Maximizing the 5G opportunity for enterprise” image=” ” link=””]

[box-list title=”How will advanced connectivity impact commercial domains?” image=” ” link=””]

[box-list title=”New Packet Network Design for Transporting 5G Converged Traffic” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Laying the 5G Foundation with an Evolved Mobile Transport Network” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Security, flexibility and performance are the organic basis for lucrative 5G networks” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”Modern and flexible ENUM/DNS functions in networks are critical for future success” image=”” link=””]

[box-list title=”5G and the Future” image=”” link=””]