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Google looking to add iPhone support to Android Wear – report

15 APR 2015

Google is working on adding support for iPhones to its Android Wear platform, so that makers of wearables using the OS can look to offer devices to Apple smartphone owners.

According to The Verge, at the current stage of development a companion app on the iPhone works with the Android Wear device to display features such as notifications, Google Now information cards, voice search and some other voice-control options.

While other wearables support the iPhone – including Pebble’s smartwatches – adding support to the Android Wear platform will make it easier for vendors to target Apple smartphone owners without having to do significant development work of their own.

And the move will also provide competition for Apple Watch, which only works with the iPhone – although initial reports seem to indicate that this device is igniting user interest in a way that alternative products never have.

It was noted that the supporting app would also need to pass Apple’s approval process to make it into the vendor’s App Store, and that there may be some hurdles to overcome – although these are unlikely to be insurmountable.

The Verge previously reported that Google is readying a significant update to Android Wear, which will add Wi-Fi support and gesture control.


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