Google Glass, Apple’s iBeacon features in bank trial

Google Glass, Apple’s iBeacon features in bank trial

05 FEB 2014

Australian bank Westpac wants its customers to check their account balances on wearables such as Google Glass, as well as receive offers on their mobile devices via Apple’s Bluetooth-based iBeacon.

The bank is set for trials of both in its home market and New Zealand.

A trial for accessing bank accounts, as well as a branch and ATM finder, is already underway for Google Glass and other wearable devices in Australia. An account checking service is also being trialled in New Zealand.

“By the end of this year our customers will be able to walk into a shop wearing their Google Glasses, see something they like and instantly check their bank balance which will be displayed in their peripheral vision, that’s pretty cool,” said Westpac NZ chief digital officer Simon Pomeroy.

In addition, the bank planned to trial P2P account transfers, as well as account alerts and the location of nearest ATMs or Westpac branches in New Zealand, said Pomeroy.

Google Glass is not commercially available, although companies and developers are already working on their apps in preparation for its launch.

Likewise, trials are going on in both countries of Apple’s iBeacon service which delivers offers via Bluetooth to customers when they are passing a shop or restaurant. Westpac is targeting its customers when they near one of its branches.

iBeacon could be used to target users with special offers or other incentives when they are close to a shop, as well as venues such as concert halls or theme parks. It can also be used to alert staff about a customer, for instance one who has arrived to pick up a pre-ordered item.


Richard Handford

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