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Get More With Your Mobile Device with Thermal

Smartphone designers and manufacturers are on the hunt for ways to add differentiation to their phones and help customers get the most out of one device. Adding a thermal camera to a rugged or standard mobile device offers consumers and prosumers a powerful tool they can carry everywhere.

This whitepaper discusses the common use-cases and technical aspects a phone manufacturer should be aware of when adding thermal to a mobile device. It will examine critical areas where a readily available thermal camera proves to be a valuable tool, whether that’s checking fuse boxes, in the hands of a firefighter, or used for situational awareness by an outdoor adventurer. The rugged device market has been adding thermal microcams to its products for over three years now, and consumers have found numerous ways to take advantage of their capabilities.

As discussed in this paper, new consumer phones featuring thermal should suit multiple use-cases for all kinds of work and play.

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